[r-t] A practical (well, sort of) extension question

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Fri May 1 16:55:55 UTC 2015

On 01/05/2015 15:55, Don Morrison wrote:
> They are five randomly generated methods (or, if you prefer, 
> "methods"), generated a few years ago by Philip Earis for a curious 
> composition. I have so little intuition as to how this method 
> extension stuff works that I really have no idea what does or does not 
> extend, but it seemed a plausible, if ham-handed, way to get at some 
> evidence of whether or not it is true that "most methods don't extend" 
> (the answer to which may be self-evident to those who do understand 
> how extension works, but sure isn't to me). 
I would venture that most rung methods do not extend, because most rung 
methods have plain bob lead heads, and G(B)5 requires that the extension 
must also. Since the number of plain bob lead heads is a diminishing 
proportion of the possible lead heads as the stage increases, the chance 
of finding an extension is small.

On the other hand, I would expect that a large proportion of e.g. the 
possible right place treble dodging methods would extend, as most of 
these will not have plain bob lead heads.

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