[r-t] Jump change notation

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Sun May 17 16:33:55 UTC 2015

> FWIW, when Cambridge Jump was first published in the RW in about 1979 the 
> notation used was along the lines of: 
> -3-(4.2)-2 etc. 
> the "novelty" being that the bracketed part indicated that the next row was 
> the end result of applying 14 followed by 12. Whilst less mathematical and 
> perhaps a little more cumbersome than the notation used for permutations and 
> cycles, it does have the benefit of retaining current notation...

Hmmm. Only "perhaps a little more cumbersome"?

Let's take one of the conceptually simplest jump methods, jump cyclic. On 12 bells, the rows are:


So under your notation system, every change would need to be defined by 11 plain changes, ie (34567890et.14567890et. etc etc as nauseam).

Consequently I think this would rather uniquely have the spectacular achievement of the notation system being longer (indeed very considerably longer) than a complete enumeration of the rows in the method. And be far from unique to boot.

My vote would be for one of the other notation systems :-)

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