[r-t] Illegitimi

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Thu May 28 14:26:32 UTC 2015

Robin Woolley:
"The answer to recent comments about methods.org.uk can be found at 

To save anyone else the bother, the only thing on RW pg. 445 that seems to 
relate to the Methods Committee is:

Plans for the coming year:
...Work with Tony Smith to transfer Methods Committee archives to CCCBR 

I've no idea what point Robin is getting at, or what or why he's trying to 
defend. Is he speaking on behalf of the Methods Committee here? Or on behalf 
of Tony Smith, who took the page down?  Why doesn't he share all 
communications if so, instead of sending a weird non-message?

Keeping and updating the method libraries are one of the most important 
things the CC does (and for which every page is headed "© Central Council of 
Church Bell Ringers").

For a private individual to take the wild step of taking down the whole lot 
(just before the CC's annual meeting, and accompanied by what reads like a 
petulant, vague threat) is more than just a monumental error of judgement. 
It stinks.

When you're in a hole, sunshine, it's generally best to stop digging. 

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