[r-t] R-T rules subgroup update

Tim Barnes tjbarnes23 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 16:02:19 UTC 2015

The subgroup has now submitted the attached two documents to the Methods


The first attachment, referred to as the main document, is the subgroup's
proposal for what a revised set of Decisions might look like.  While the
main document aims to be a complete proposal for new Decisions, the overall
intention is for the main document to be input to the broader CC review of
the Decisions.


The second attachment is a companion document to the main document.  This
provides explanation and background on both the process to develop the main
document, and the resulting contents of the main document.  What may be of
most interest to R-T members in the companion document is Section 3, which
provides a table of the 45 'rule changes' that would result from the
proposal, as compared to the current Decisions.  Section 1 of the companion
makes the case for why updated Decisions are needed.  Section 5 provides
examples and further information - this section aims to demystify the
Decisions for non-technical CC members who may eventually be asked to vote
on proposed changes.  Finally, the appendix of the companion contains a
summary of the informal polls we held on R-T last year.


As we would all expect, not all subgroup members agree with everything
that's in the proposal (including me!), but I think the proposal represents
the consensus view of those who took part.  It will be interesting to see
how the CC review progresses from here, and whether any of our suggestions
make it into any proposal put before next May's CC meeting.





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