[r-t] Fwd: Position for open meeting

Roddy Horton roddy at horton.karoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 5 12:46:54 UTC 2015

My email is below.


Hi Peter,

In advance of the forthcoming meeting on Sunday, unfortunately I am in a peal attempt and so unable to take part in the live proceedings.

I would however like to fully support the proposals put forward by Tim Barnes. These proposals significantly simplify matter and explain in plain English the why’s and wherefore’s. These proposals were arrived at after a lot of discussion on the R-T list, as I’m sure you are aware, and contain input from a key group of ringers with an interest and knowledge of the topics.

I am also very concerned about the apparent blackmail that took place in respect of the methods collection during the Central Council meeting and hope that the Methods Committee has now taken steps to ensure that no repetition of that is possible.

Many thanks,

Roddy Horton

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