[r-t] A date to pencil into your calendar

Richard Johnston johnstonrh at amen.org.uk
Mon Sep 7 11:11:24 UTC 2015

Richard Johnston:
> > I doubt we are going to come to a common mind on this question.
> > . Your arguments therefore seem to me conditioned by the desire to
> make
> all methods fit into a *half-pull* scheme (whether that really makes
> sense
> in terms of what was rung or not).

Tim Barnes:

> I do agree that the proposal document as currently written is describing
> a
> half-pull scheme.  In some ways it could be considered an unintended
> consequence of allowing the identity change that whole-pull ringing can
> fit
> into the definition of a standard performance of a half-pull scheme when
> the
> number of rows rung is at least the number of rows in two extents.
> I also agree that it's perfectly possible to ring the same method in a
> number of different ways.  The current scheme could be extended to
> incorporate method ringing in whole-pulls, in 3 or more pulls, or indeed
> in
> an undefined number of pulls where the same row is rung continuously
> until
> the conductor says something like, "next", to indicate to the band to
> move
> on to the next row that a method generates.  It's hard to argue this
> isn't
> method ringing because it's based on methods(!)  For such a scheme,
> decisions would need to be made on whether the standard performance
> lengths
> are based on the number of rows or the number of changes, and in the
> undefined number of pulls case above, truth would presumably need to be
> based on how many times a given row is 'visited', rather than how many
> times
> it's rung.  Use of the identity change in multi-pull ringing could be
> especially problematic..

Ok thanks.  I think this exchange has shown up the difficulties of 
incorporating multi-row ringing.

> But I can't help thinking that this isn't the right time to introduce
> multi-pull ringing into the proposal document.  

Yes I agree with this and your comments that followed.  It is much 
more important to get the new half-pull scheme agreed and accepted by 
the CC, and getting into this realm is likely to meet significant 
resistance, however described.

Richard Johnston

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