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I have added the composition to the peal and it is copied below.
It's a cyclic 9-part consisting entirely of treble dodging methods. Most of
them have plain bob lead heads and the methods rung in the plain course of
each part employ the familiar structure of 2 and 10 (of the part)
alternating pivot leads. Tornado is used as the link method but it also
produces quite a lot of runs through the lead that is rung (including 4
different types of run 4-bell off the front). Aray and Fyne are kind of
quasi A-group and F-group respectively (3rds and 4ths place bells are
swapped)  - this is to allow the natural pairs (for run production) to
cross at the half lead despite not being in the plain course.
The methods form quite a varied collection and all of them ring quite
nicely. I tried to select methods that felt like proper methods and to
avoid anything too contrived simply for the sake of producing a couple of
extra runs. The run counts are pretty high anyway although no doubt they
could be pushed even higher with some substitutions.
Fyne and Jarl are entirely right place and fairly straightforward, Elgin is
also a fairly algorithmic Cornwall type method. I selected these
deliberately as I wanted the composition to have a bit of breathing space
given the weight of the bells and distance we travelled to ring the peal.
Others such as Goldfinger, Aray, Sgurr Differential are slightly more
We succeeded in ringing a very enjoyable peal on a fantastic ring of bells.
I believe it was the first time a cyclic composition has been rung at


5112 Spliced Treble Dodging Royal (8 Methods)
 A G Reading
 234567890 Tornado Differential S
-564239078 Fyne S
 635402897 Aray D
-456239078 Midas Little S
-645239078 Elgin S
 563402897 Goldfinger S
 426957380 Sgurr Differential S
 350684729 Jarl S
 294768503 Jarl S
 038576942 Sgurr Differential S
 972840635 Goldfinger S
 807395264 Elgin S
-978023456 Midas Little S
-897023456 Aray D
 780395264 Fyne S

9 Part.

720 each Aray Delight, Elgin Surprise, Fyne Surprise, Goldfinger
Surprise, Jarl Surprise, Sgurr Differential Surprise; 432 Midas Little
Surprise; 360 Tornado Differential Surprise; 125 com, atw.

18 of each 6-bell run, 46 of each 4-bell run at the back.
14 of each 6-bell run, 39 of each 4-bell run off the front.

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