[r-t] Jump change methods

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Sun Apr 3 02:31:07 UTC 2016

Just over a year ago Philip Earis wrote:
> I've certainly rung (in peals or extents) at least:
> Jump Stedman Doubles (4 different sixes)
> Mersey Ferry Minor
> Cambridge Jump Surprise Minor
> London Jump Surprise Minor
> Double Oxford Jump Minor
> Stedman Jump Triples (2 different sixes)

I know Mersey Ferry, Cambridge Jump and London Jump, but not the other
three. Could someone let me know how they work, please?

Also, I've generally referred to the Cambridge and London variants as
"Cambridge Treble Jump" and "London Treble Jump" -- is this nomenclature
without the "treble" more common/what was first published/etc?

And is there any particular reason why "Jump Stedman" on five but "Stedman
Jump" on seven? Perhaps that will become obvious when I see what they are.

Finally, are there any other jump change methods that have been rung and
named (obviously not to the CCCBR's satisfaction, but to some less formal
standard)? I know there are algorithms for converting existing, "normal"
methods to treble jump methods a la Cambridge Jump, but I'm after things
that have really been rung, preferably to some kind of extended touch.

Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
"Stories are written initially by individuals, whatever the
morphology of folktales."      -- Harold Bloom, _The Book of J_
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