[r-t] Old doubles collection

Richard Johnston johnstonrh at amen.org.uk
Tue Apr 5 09:32:55 UTC 2016

Hi Don

Did you get any answers to this question?  

I don't have the collection you want, but, I have located the 
collection of doubles methods that I have got, which is the 1961 2nd 

Its preface gives some insight on the questions you ask.  I have 
attached an ocred copy.  

Towards the end of the preface, read particularly the paragraph 
starting "We regret the disappearance of some of the older 
methods..."  I also note that they gratuitously changed some existing 
methods (e.g. Antelope) to suit their prejudices.  

It was "issued under the authority of the Council" - says it all 
about their attitude.

As for date of CC decision change, this obviously gives a later 
bound, and probably the decision is not much earlier.


says that in 1954 " That, in future, all peals not conforming to the 
CouncilĀ“s decisions will not be included in the Analysis; they will, 
however, if sent, be published in The Ringing World."  So decision 
must surely be after that.

There was another set of big changes to doubles methods in the late 
1960s if I recall correctly, which disnamed variations like April 

I you have found a copy of the 1st edn, I'd be interested in seeing a 



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> My understanding is that in the 1950s or 1960s the Central Council
> published a collection of doubles methods that included some that it now
> disavows, such as Caunton. Does anyone have an electronic copy of those
> methods they could send me? Of, failing that, would some kind soul with
> a
> copy of the old, paper collection we willing to scan the relevant pages
> and
> send them to me?
> Also, does anyone know when and why the Council changed it's rules to
> exclude Caunton and the like?

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