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Many thanks also to the folks that have replied on this thread.​​

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 7:15 AM, Hayden Charles <hcharles at grandsire.co.uk>
> 'Adopted on the proposition of Mr. F. B. Lufkin, seconded by Mr. C.
> H. Rogers, after a proposal by Mrs. A. Newing on behalf of the
> Bristol University Society that a 5040 of Treble Jump Minor be
> recognised had failed to obtain a seconder

How sad that there was no one willing even to second the motion. I guess
the CUG must have been more staid back then. :-)

> 'Mr. F. M. Mitchell, seconded by Mr. B. L. Burrows, proposed that a
> peal of Cambridge Surprise Minor rung at Strensham in 1977 and
> rejected by the Council in 1979 on the recommendation of the Peals
> Analysis Committee, should be referred back with an instruction to
> the committee either to accept it or to propose a change of Rule.

This certainly piqued my interest. Curiously, I can find no mention of it
in the Council's 1979 report, though it does seem to have been discussed,
though without any resolution I could see, at the 1978 meeting. Its
"defect" was that it was a round block of 5,040--when ringing a peal of a
single minor method today that sort of construction is certainly popular
today, possibly more commonly rung these days than seven extents of the
same method.

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