[r-t] Handstroke-home Cyclic Maximus

Richard Allton rchat at allton.org.uk
Wed Aug 17 12:26:48 UTC 2016


Tony Kench adapted David's classic with a special link method that was rung
on 4th June 2005 at St Seps:

5005 Spliced Maximus
   234567890ET Space Oddity Differential Little
 s 0E89674523T Deimos Alliance
   E90785634T2 Phobos Surprise
   806E4927T53 Maypole Alliance
   97E5038T624 Ariel Surprise
   68402ET9375 Zanussi Surprise
   7593ET02846 Zanussi Surprise
   4628T03E597 Ariel Surprise
   537T92E4068 Maypole Alliance
   24T638507E9 Phobos Surprise
   3T527496E80 Deimos Alliance
11 part. s=3490.
6m: 1056 Ariel S, Phobos S, Zanussi S; 880 Maypole A; 792 Deimos A; 165
Space Oddity Differential Little Hybrid; 109 com, atw


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