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Fri Aug 19 17:06:44 UTC 2016

I've had a play around with this using half lead splicing with Kent to get
the shunt (in this case with Avon). Using this idea I've found a structure
which allows all 11-parts to be rung in full (alternating between
handstroke and backstroke parts) and with the 2nd/tenor of the parts
alternating pivots throughout.
2nds place methods with even pivots are used in the handstroke parts and
12ths place methods with odd pivots are used in the backstroke parts (as in
Pipe's). In so far as possible I've stuck to the cyclic 6 methods for the
backstroke parts but with two modifications to avoid falseness.
Phobos is adjusted slightly (to allow Avon to be rung - a worthwhile
sacrifice in my opinion) and Maypole is replaced with Glazgow Little to
avoid repeating half leads (like in Pipe's 12-part).
The methods used in the handstroke parts are all designed for the purpose
(based on various things I've used previously in a different composition).
I've knocked this together fairly quickly so I'm sure there is plenty of
scope for tweaking here - as much as anything it was proof of concept for
the structure that I was after.
Anyway thought I'd throw this into the debate! Comments welcome.


5111 Spliced Maximus

 |234567890ET Avon D/Kent TB (2nds)
 |2TE09876543 A-group S
 |T028E694735 E-group S
 |E29T7058364 C-group A
 |08T624E3957 D1-group A
A|9E725T30486 C2-group A
 |8604T325E79 C2-group A
 |795E324T608 D1-group A
 |648305T729E C-group A
 |57394E628T0 E-group S
 |43658709TE2 A-group S
 |3547698E02T Kent TB/Avon D
 |23ET9078564 Deimos A
 |3T20E896745 L-group S
 |E2937T50486 Glazgow Little S
 |T03826E4957 Ariel S
B|9E72534T608 Zanussi S
 |08T63425E79 Zanussi S
 |795E42638T0 Ariel S
 |8604T53729E Glazgow Little S
 |57496E8203T L-group S
 |648507T93E2 Deimos A

Call ABABABABABA, round at handstroke one row before the end of the final A.

A-group S (extension of Straker's Passage S Major):
E-group S:
C-group A:
D1-group A:
C2-group A:
L-group S (mostly Phobos):

On 19 August 2016 at 11:12, Matt Dawson <m.d.dawson.29 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 18 August 2016 at 15:41, Alan Reading <alan.reading at googlemail.com>
> wrote:
> > Matt writes,
> >> are you just suggesting that a lot of advanced
> >> higher-numbers ringers are sufficiently narrow-minded to turn their
> >> noses up at Grandsire Max?
> >
> > Not exactly. I've included Plain Bob in a cyclic peal myself:
> > http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/comp.php?id=1976426 because it worked well
> and
> > for some of the reasons described. It also makes an appearance in Pipe's
> > particles.
> > I would argue that Grandsire Max is a bit more messy than Plain Bob
> though
> > with having 4 blows behind. And probably a bit more difficult to ring
> too.
> Let's be clear - I wasn't including you in that comment. However, I
> think you've illustrated my point very well for me by suggesting that
> a problem with the Grandsire is difficulty when one of the
> compositions also contains Deimos and Neptune.
> On 18 August 2016 at 15:33, Mark Davies <mark at snowtiger.net> wrote:
> > this is exactly the kind of debate I was hoping to provoke!
> Except you haven't, have you? Nobody else has replied because they're
> unwilling to admit to what is essentially an irrational dislike of
> something (or they've taken one look at your composition, thought
> "that's fine but it has Grandsire Max in it so I'm not interested" and
> ignored the rest of the thread). That's fair enough - if you start
> challenging people like that then they'll either ignore you or get
> defensive, and I know it's all down to personal preference anyway, but
> I do get annoyed when perfectly good ideas are stamped on like that.
> matt
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