[r-t] Cyclic Surprise Major

Pip Dillistone tuftyfrog at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 17:59:43 UTC 2016

I was digging through my collection of unrung methods just now, and came across this. I don’t remember coming up with it myself, although I suppose I must have done since I can’t find a mention of it anywhere in the archives.

34.5x4.5x5. [13456782]

Like all cyclic methods it has no conventional symmetries, although it is skew symmetric – the place notation is the same in both half-leads, except one is the reverse of the other. Interestingly, backrounds comes up at the halfway point, so every row in the second half of the course is the reverse of its corresponding row in the first half. The plain course has a whopping 96 <4-runs>, for those of us that like that sort of thing. I’d be interested to see if one could get a good composition out of it, and although it’d hardly be breaking any new ground, I’d quite like to ring it. Any thoughts?

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