[r-t] 1-part tenors-together ATW Maximus

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Jan 18 20:44:03 UTC 2016

That's fascinating stuff, Rob. You must have been ahead of me with the 
rotating course sets idea - I don't think I really started to get into 
the problem until January 2014. The solution you found for the 9-spliced 
Maximus is fabulous.

After your first message I did have a look to see if any rotating 
course-set exists on 12 bells which can self-link without any additional 
leads, and it turns out there is one and one only. I think I sent it to 
the list back in December when we were first discussing this, but here 
it is again:

Coursing orders = 53246, 53624, 43562, 24365, 32564, 53462, 43265, 
23546, 54236, 36425, 32465
Calling = M sW sM W sH sH sM sM W W sM sW M M sW sW sH sH

This would almost certainly allow a peal of 11-spliced, but sadly it 
turns out there is no way of dropping one method without losing the 
calling positions necessary to link the set together.

Other than using different calls, the main avenue for progress (as I 
think is also the case in Major) would be to try and make use of one of 
the more random course sets, i.e. one not based on a rotating pattern of 
methods. It may even be that ATW can be achieved with partial courses, 
e.g. blocks from W->H or H->M instead of whole courses, however this is 
conceptually the most difficult area to explore.


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