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Needless to say the compositions are true to these as well. It doesn't surprise me at all. Ringers are amazingly conservative when it comes to new methods. Triples peals must be dominated by Stedman and Grandsire with the occasional foray into dual hunt minor methods (ie minor methods made up to triples). There are plenty of areas like this with opportunities for new methods and compositions 

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Many thanks, especially to Peter and Glenn, for helping out with compositions.

I’ve no idea which method Jeremy is looking to ring, but to my surprise it seems there has never been a peal rung of a plain triples method with this leadhead group (especially considering it’s 1 of only 4 possible “regular” 
leadhead groups for plain triples).

I think there are 6 possible s-group plain triples methods which don’t have adjacent places made in the plain course:

&,1     Untitled Bob Triples
&,1     Untitled Bob Triples
&,1     Untitled Bob Triples
&,1     Untitled Bob Triples
&,1     Untitled Bob Triples
&,1     Untitled Bob Triples

Of these, two of the methods have no more than two consecutive blows made in any position:

&,1     Untitled Bob Triples
&,1     Untitled Bob Triples

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