[r-t] Tenors together spliced maximus

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Wed Jun 1 07:34:49 UTC 2016


I think I know what you mean, and in spliced compositions I've produced 
for other people (Chris Poole!) I've called this propery "0 LWM" (Zero 
Leads Without Music). Of course that is a slight load of nonsense, 
because by "Music" we generally mean "runs of some sort", whereas I 
think the fundamental music on higher numbers comes from the continuous 
coursing of the tenors; however, it's a good mechanism to drive the 
distribution of little-bell music, which is also important.

Recast in terms of LWM, for a suitable definition of Music, I'm sure 
your idea has mileage. Here is one example. I've kept the bob-calling 
very simple, and used five of your suggested methods. I've focussed on 
LB music, plus 56s.

5088 Spliced TD Maximus comp MBD (no.1)
5m: 1296 Zanussi; 1248 Avon; 1200 Snow Tiger; 1008 Bristol; 336 Phobos

  23456  M W H
  42356      -  SSSSPASSSS.
  54326    -    ZABBPZS.A
  56423  2   -  BZSPAZ.A.BZZZAAAZBA.
(24365) - -    AA.AAZZZBABZ.
  65432    -    ABBPBBAB.S
  64352    - 2  SSSSSPSSS.S.SZBPBZSS.
  23456  -   -  BZSPZZZ.SBABBAZ.

   337 LB4
   159 LB5
   32 567890ET/TE098765 front or back
   2 657890ET
   Only 2 leads without the music claimed above.

Is that the sort of thing you were after?

It is likely the 2 LWM could be reduced with more careful choice of seed 
composition, however one more obvious approach is to include back-bell 
6-runs such as 7890ET into the count; this will then permit the Phobos 
lead with the back bells on the front. However, it would also allow many 
more leads of the other methods, too, which might dilute the LB runs. I 
can certainly pursue that, or any other variation on this theme, if you 


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