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On Fri, Jun 3, 2016 at 9:52 PM, Tim Barnes <tjbarnes23 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've wondered in the past whether the reason the Decisions require
> classification of everything is that because the 'principle' class
> doesn't have a corresponding method title word, it's only by
> classifying everything else with a corresponding word (e.g.
> 'Hybrid') that you can deduce from a method title (by the absence of
> a class word) that a method is a principle.

No, you deduce it from its place notation. I don't see why there needs to
be a tight coupling between classification and name spaces. Given the
desire folks have for naming methods for special occasions and so on I
suppose it is nice to have multiple name spaces, but they are only useful
in that regard when they correspond to common sorts of methods. Having
distinct name spaces for Little Differential Hybrids and Little
Differential Treble Places (or does the Little go on the other side of the
Differential, I can never remember) probably doesn't help anyone looking
for a method to name after Grandma on her birthday. I do think the tight
coupling of classification with name space is of a muchness with the
you-can't-ring-it-in-a-peal-unless-we-can-uniquely-classify-it mindset,
which to things constitute the root of much evil.

(And yes, I realise you said much the same yourself, I'm just restating it
in more forceful "why do we want to do that?" terms rather than "I suppose
we can get away with sometimes not doing that if we really want to" terms.)

> But the below would still allow some oddities, such as the 6th being
> the hunt bell -- was that intended?

Isn't that unavoidable unless

a) we stop requiring that rotations of a method be defined as the same


b) we classify particular rotations of methods rather than the generic
any-rotation-of methods?

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