[r-t] ?CCBR meeting - Methcom proposals

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Fri Jun 3 02:15:33 UTC 2016

Tim Barnes wrote:

> But I'm all for simplifying the current classification 
> system, and I'd be interested to hear if anyone has a 
> proposal for a broader classification revamp -- perhaps 
> one that also results in the quarks being classified the 
> same.

Yes.  I do.

The key, I think, is to get away from the idea that all 
methods should fall into a well-defined class.  Once we 
accept that a method might be unclassified, we can tighten 
up the definition of the classes to reflect their normal 

The title of an unclassified method would be "Name Stage". 
Class names like "Surprise" can be included as part of the 
name, so long as the title remains unique, but this should 
not be encouraged.

* Principles, Hunt Methods, Differentials and Differential 
Hunters should be defined as in the rt-rules framework so 
that short-course methods and principles are not 
Differential.  (There is possibly an argument for saying 
short-course principles should become unclassified, but 
there's no practical difference between a principle and an 
unclassified method.)

* In Plain, Treble Dodging, Treble Place or Alliance 
methods, the primary hunt bell must lead during the lead. 
In the current CC Decisions, this would be implemented by an 
extra requirement for a well-formed path.  This means Double 
Bishopstoke Little Surprise Major (in which the hunt bell 
treble-dodges between 3rds and 6ths) becomes an unclassified 

* In Treble Dodging methods rings exactly four times in each 
place during the lead, instead of the "more than two" times 
currently required.  This means the treble must dodge once 
in each place, so Double Darrowby Surprise Major (in which 
the treble dodges 11 times in each place) becomes an 
unclassified method.

* Alliance methods have a symetrical treble path consisting 
of just hunting and dodging, with places made at the 
symmetry points.  (This is the restricted proposed by Andrew 
Mills at the 2001 CC meeting.  The Ayatollah spoke against 
it and it was voted down.)  Alliance is not broadened to 
include methods where the treble's path is symmetrical about 
a point rather than a place.  Thus Gluon Little Alliance 
Maximus in which the treble rings 12344343345|54334344321 
becomes an unclassified method.

* Treble Place methods must have the hunt bell leading at 
exactly one of the symmetry points.  This means Slinky 
Little Treble Place Maximus becomes an unclassified method.

* The class of Hybrid methods is abolished, and all current 
Hybrid methods become unclassified.

* The subdivisions of Plain (Bob, Place and Slow Course) and 
Treble Dodging (Surprise, Delight and Treble Bob) are 
unchanged.  If we wish to abolish Slow Course, and/or 
tighten Surprise to require places adjacent to the treble, 
these are separate, orthogonal proposals.

* Little and Differential only apply to classified methods.

In this classification five of the quark methods become 
unclassified, with the Bottom and Meson being short-course 
principles.  But the difference between unclassified and a 
principle doesn't affect the name, so they can all be named 
similarly, e.g. "Top Maximus".  Most link methods commonly 
used in cyclic max also become unclassified (though not 


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