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Ian Partridge ian at poncho.org.uk
Fri Jun 3 10:37:24 UTC 2016

On 2 June 2016 at 22:41, Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org> wrote:
> Any update on the doubles methods that in the early 60s were given names and
> accepted by the Council, but a little while later disavowed as having places
> that were longer than the powers that be then decided they liked? Can they
> all come back with the names they were originally given?

I think Tony Smith has re-added them this morning.  Here's his update:

Weekly update of method collections at http://www.methods.org.uk added
51 new methods (Battle of Jutland Surprise Major, Bell Rock Lighthouse
Surprise Minor, Bilborough Slow Course Doubles, Brecon Slow Course
Doubles, Cambridge Place Doubles, Caunton Slow Course Doubles,
Christmas Eve Place Minor, Coity Castle Surprise Major, Darling Point
Place Minor, Devon Place Doubles, Dorset Place Doubles, Durham Place
Doubles, Essex Place Doubles, Exton Bob Minor, Gloucestershire
PlaceDoubles, Hampshire Place Doubles, Herefordshire Bob Doubles,
Hertfordshire Bob Doubles, Huntingdonshire Slow Course Doubles, Joy
Delight Major, Kent Block Minimus, Kent Bob Doubles, Lancashire Bob
Doubles, Leicestershire Slow Course Doubles, Lincolnshire Bob Doubles,
Monmouthshire Place Doubles, Neath Abbey Surprise Major,
Northamptonshire Slow Course Doubles, Northumberland Bob Doubles,
Norwell Slow Course Doubles, Nottinghamshire Bob Doubles, Oxford Bob
Doubles, Oxfordshire Slow Course Doubles, Pembrokeshire Slow Course
Doubles, Rutland Bob Doubles, Shelford Slow Course Doubles, Shropshire
Bob Doubles, Skylark Surprise Major, Somerset Slow Course Doubles,
Staffordshire Bob Doubles, Stedman Differential Major, Stedman
Differential Minor, Stedman Differential Royal, Suffolk Place Doubles,
Surrey Slow Course Doubles, Sussex Place Doubles, Warwickshire Bob
Doubles, Westmorland Slow Course Doubles, Wiltshire Bob Doubles,
Worcestershire Place Doubles and Yorkshire Slow Course Doubles) and
updated 24 other entries (Breeze Block Place Minor, Chinook Alliance
Major, Chip Off The Old Block Bob Minor, Chock A Block Bob Minor,
Chopping Block Bob Minor, Cottingham Alliance Major, Engine Block Bob
Minor, Fluorine Alliance Major, H Block Bob Minor, Jaipur Surprise
Royal, Knife Block Bob Minor, Marley Hill Alliance Major, Mental Block
Bob Minor, Mounting Block Place Minor, Road Block Bob Minor, Round The
Block Bob Minor, Shower Block Bob Minor, Soviet Block Bob Minor, St
George’s Alliance Major, Starting Block Bob Minor, Stumbling Block Bob
Minor, Sun Block Bob Minor, Un Block Place Minor and Writer’s Block
Bob Minor)

Ian Partridge

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