[r-t] Unclassified

Ted Steele bells at tedsteele.plus.com
Sun Jun 5 13:12:13 UTC 2016

On 05/06/2016 10:47, John Harrison wrote:

> Letting time determine whether there really is a new category, and if so
> what it is, makes sense.  But the term 'Freestyle' to me implies something
> more specific, ie that it has no structure/rationale rather than that one
> hasn't yet been determined.

But the structure and rationale of all of these surely has been 
determined by their designer, who has felt free to produce just what is 
required without regard to formal constraints. They have been freely 
created and are free in their style; but not free "of" style. Perhaps 
there is a better word to convey this; it is the idea not the word that 
is important; but personally I rather like the idea of freestyle methods 
as an undefined group where anything goes.


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