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> But the structure and rationale of all of these surely has been 
> determined by their designer, 

Of course the designer had a rationale for the method, and he/she might
also have had a rationale for a whole new class of which this method(s) is
the first, in which case there may be a fairly strong case for extending
the official descriptive structure fairly quickly.  

But it is also possible that the rationale for the new method doesn't make
it clear how things will develop further, and so it isn't obvious how pest
to st up new definitions that encompass it.  

> who has felt free to produce just what is required without regard to
> formal constraints. 

I would be surprised if the method had 'no constraints'.  It seems more
likely that it will have been designed with some constraints, but that they
will be different constraints (to a greater or lesser extent) than those
that have already been categorised.

> Perhaps there is a better word to convey this

That's what I was suggesting.

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