[r-t] Tenors together spliced maximus

Jack Gunning jack.gunning at mac.com
Mon May 30 21:40:22 UTC 2016

In my view, methods that are worth ringing in single method peals, have:
- run music off the front and the back in the plain course; and
- run music off the front or the back in each lead of the plain course

So of the commonly rung methods: 
Qualify: Bristol, Zanussi, Yorkshire
Don’t qualify: Cambridge, Orion, Rigel, Avon, Strathclyde, Deimos, Phobos, Ariel

I know that some of these methods are rung for other qualities - because everyone else rings them (C), because they are difficult (OR), because they have some stella leads (OADPL).  

This leads me to desire two compositions of spliced maximus:

First one
Tenors together (7th involved is fine), not atw having only the good leads of the methods included, including mainly commonly rung methods, such as from the lists above (not Cambridge or Strathclyde, obvs).  Perhaps it will be necessary to include other good methods to get between the relevant leads.  

[People ring not all the work 8-spliced major all the time - so I don’t think there should be a stigma against it.  I know that part of the reason people ring atw is for the (perceived) additional mental challenge, but ringing tenors together spliced including Phobos atw really does seem silly to me.  I’m just waiting for a band to do it with Deimos...]  

Second one
Tenors together (7th involved is fine), could be atw or not, having only methods worth ringing in single method peals (as defined above).  I think that (nearly) all the leads would be good, i.e. include at least one run.  I think including other methods worth ringing on their own from outside the normal repertoire is required to get the number of methods up, perhaps things like: Snow Tiger, Woodspring 

I’m not sure if these already exist or not.  If so, I’d like someone to draw my attention to it/them.  If not, I’d like to set them as a challenge for the list.  I’m not clever enough to do it myself. 

Any thoughts?  Is my wish list flawed or easily improved in some way?  


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