[r-t] ?CCBR meeting - Methcom proposals

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon May 30 19:28:18 UTC 2016

OK I have now been elected to the methods committee. The meeting did 
pass motions G and H, really without anything in the way of dissent. 
That means, roughly,

1. A 5100 of Doubles (for example) is a peal.
2. Places longer than 4 blows can be in methods on stages higher than 
Minimus (Erin Major anyone?).
3. New methods can be named by ringing a quarter-peal (Triples and 
higher stages affected).
4. Calls can extend the length of a lead.
5. Handbell peals of minimus are all good.

Clearly there is more to do, but I reckon this is a good start. I need 
to find out exactly what happens to "blocks" which now become accepted 
as methods under point (2). I think the idea was to retain "Block" in 
the method name. What are everyone's thoughts here?


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