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Tue May 31 21:27:45 UTC 2016

I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet on here? But assuming I have
understood them correctly the new rules seem to allow for peal of the
standard 41 to be rung atw in <5760.
For example you could ring John Warboy's SU0721 (copied below) which
contains all but Carlisle and Northumberland atw in 5040.
Then ring the following 288 for an atw 5328:
288 Spliced S Minor
 23456 Cl Cl Cl Cl Cl
-42356 Nb Nb Nb Nb Nb
-34256 Ak Nb

Any advances on this?


*5040 Spliced S. Minor (39 methods all the work)* *SU0721*

  *23456* Ro St Cm Yo
s *24356* Sa Li
s *42563* Bo Ws
- 35426 Bv Ip Ne Du
s *34526* Ke
- 26534 Ch
- 26345 Wo Nw Mu Ct Lo
- 45326 We Co
- 45263 We
- 32456 Mo Wh Ak We
- 43256 Lo Cu
s *42356* Bk Su Pr Wk
- 63425 Lf Ab Wm Hu No
- 25463 Bc He Nf Bm Ad
- *56342*
  Repeat 4 times.

Contains all methods from the standard 41 except for Cl and Nb.
All leads of Ad, Ch, Co, Cu, Du, Ke, Li, No, Wk, Ws and Yo are either
bobbed or singled.
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