[r-t] Methods Committee terms of reference

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Apr 17 19:56:42 UTC 2017

Don - perhaps you've forgotten, but you were involved in the original 
crafting of these TOR, on the "rules" subgroup back at the beginning of 
February! You also commented when I forwarded a reasonably complete 
draft to this list on 2017-02-11. The wording hasn't changed 
substantially since then.

Back in February you were in general agreement that we needed to change 
the TOR. You did disagree with the rest of us who were involved in the 
drafting process on two points: the apparent overlap into 
peals/compositions territory, and the new stress on the committee being 
able to resolve things without having to wait for the next Central 
Council AGM. I guess these are still your primary concerns.

The way I see it is, for the methods committee to actually be useful, to 
look after the method libraries, to make changes where they are 
necessary, and to respond rapidly to innovation in the wider ringing 
world, all of which are things I think everyone wants, we do need the 
ability to act. It is difficult, I agree, and I certainly don't want the 
committee to be the absolute power in the land; but it's no good if we 
can't make anything happen.

As Graham says, this might be all moot anyway, depending on what happens 
with CRAG.


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