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On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 6:33 AM, Giles Blundell <grblundell at googlemail.com>
> I probably should know this, but could someone point me to the
> proposed new terms of reference for the Methods Committee? If it
> resembles the version that the Admin Committee saw in March, I (with
> my PR Committee hat on) would like to encourage wider discussion of
> it (even if the intricacies of what MethCom talks about are beyond
> most of us, the matter of who should be in on the discussion is
> entirely appropriate for wider debate) but it's so much easier if I
> can point people to the text somewhere on the web.
Curiously it doesn't seem to have been posted to the Methods Committee's
web page or anything like that. However, you could easily point someone at
this page in this list's archive, which is a copy of what Graham John
kindly sent to this list yesterday:


It is followed in the archives by some discussion of the matter, too.

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