[r-t] Single-lead methods

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sat Apr 22 10:10:22 UTC 2017

Graham writes,

> Well, I devised MUG Minor, and I don't have strong feelings about it
> being converted to a single lead method at all, particularly as I
> can't see any purpose in ringing it. Does it really matter that much
> if it were classified as MUG Little Treble Bob Minor as would be the
> case if it wasn't classed as a Block?

My point is, we are not dealing with things evenly here. A Surprise 
method reduced to single-lead stays as a Surprise - but a principle 
turns into a Plain or a TD method. I don't like that bias.

By the "quack like a duck" argument, just as the Surprise method still 
looks like a Surprise method when reduced to a single lead, so the 
principle still looks like a principle.


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