[r-t] The "Bromborough Block"

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Tue Aug 8 12:19:34 UTC 2017

A somewhat convoluted blog article about a multi-extent block of Stedman
Doubles, the "Bromborough Block", has appeared at:

The block is 1440 changes, with features:

- The 5th bell is observation throughout

- The 120 slow sixes in the block begin with each of the 5! possible
changes (same applies for each of 120 quick sixes)

- Consequently, as the article says, "Each time Rounds (or any other
change) appears, it occupies a different row in either a quick six or a
slow six; six times at handstroke and six times at backstroke"

The composition appears (in more conventional form) at

1,440 Stedman Doubles
Robert Peers
 23145  2  7 12 15 19
 35142  s  s  s  s
 52143  s  s  s  s
 54132  s  s  s     s
 53124  s  s  s     s
 34125  s  s  s  s
 35124  s  s  s
 54123  s  s  s  s
 52134  s  s  s     s
 53142  s  s  s     s
 32145  s  s  s  s
 25143  s  s  s  s
 23145  s  s  s
(The Bromborough Block)

The same page has other 1440 compositions by Peter Ellis and Don Morrison
with these properties.

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