[r-t] Candover Differential Place Doubles

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Wed Aug 9 11:08:45 UTC 2017

>> Lampton Differential Place has a RW reference of 55/811

Peter Hinton:"Here's the page from the Ringing World"

Thanks Peter - appreciated.

> "There are only six worthwhile single-hunt two-lead methods, as follows:
> Reading
> Bob, Wexham Place, Ascot Bob, London V Bob, Lampton Place and Osterley Bob
> which are R. Union, R. St. Faith, R. St. Julian, St. Augustine, St. George
> and R. St Sebastian respectively, with no places at the lead end."

Even leaving aside the value judgement of "worthwhile", what's going on
with the names?

Look at the method called here "London V Bob"...this is said to be St
Augustine Doubles with notation 1 at the leadend, ie &,1 = 14523.
 The Central Council method collections call this "Newbury Differential
Bob Doubles" though, with RW references 66/463 and 10/322.

So what happened to the name "London V Bob"?  Where did this come from,
and where did it disappear to? What in today's collections does Lampton
preserve its name and 1955 RW reference, but Newbury/London's first
reference is 1966? And why don't the method collections at the least try
to list other names which methods have previously been known by?  Hmm.

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