[r-t] Candover Differential Place Doubles

Peter Hinton peter at hinton.me.uk
Wed Aug 9 13:55:57 UTC 2017

> Even leaving aside the value judgement of "worthwhile"...
I knew you'd appreciate the phraseology!

> So what happened to the name "London V Bob"?  Where did this come from,
> and where did it disappear to? What in today's collections does Lampton
> preserve its name and 1955 RW reference, but Newbury/London's first
> reference is 1966? And why don't the method collections at the least try
> to list other names which methods have previously been known by?  Hmm.

I've tried to do that here:
All further references, corrections, comments and additions most welcome.

There is also a table of the methods, arranged by work above and below:

Going back to your previous email, this is good for looking at other interesting 
lines.  Double Stedman is quite attractive.


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