[r-t] Pitman's 13440 change compositions

Roddy Horton roddy at horton.karoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 9 13:40:28 UTC 2017

Don - I must be being slow and missing something. I understand how this would work if every course were called the same, but that's not quite what's going on in these compositions, is it? What am I missing?


I think Pitman worked out that you cannot join 60 courses together with bobs only in full courses but of course in spliced you can ring bits of courses and then join blocks in so that all of the tenors together lead heads are rung but, as Eric Morecambe would say, not necessarily in the right order.

So although Pitman has 20 courses in each part, they are not all seven leads long.

In his 13440 he has some short courses and the missing leads are in the one with 2 or 3 at W.


I haven’t written this out to prove my thinking but I must be close if not spot on.



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