[r-t] Blue Line Difficulty

King, Peter R peter.king at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Aug 29 21:55:13 UTC 2017

> Surely, it can only get you to any place at all at most one blow earlier or later than >you should have been? Instead it has to be a whole ensemble of errors merely starting >with the one blow off one to get you to the wrong end of the row?
Fair comment, if you are just one blow out then you will only ever be one blow out, I should have said missing out a bit of work (like a dodge in plain bob). So if your 4ths place bell Glasgow and forget the 6ths 5ths you end up pretty far out of position.  It is also  easy to miss a dodge and then come across the treble and think “ah I have to dodge and make places” and end up wrong. You are also right that if you are ringing by an algorithm and miss something you can end up in completely the wrong place. This is why I have issues with the t far near full (or whatever) way of ringing double Norwich.
The point is that in some methods small trips are easy to sort out in others they lead to major disasters.
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