[r-t] Methods Committee terms of reference

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sat Feb 11 00:43:10 UTC 2017

One of the things I want to do at this year's Central Council meeting is 
to propose a change to the Terms of Reference of the methods committee. 
At the moment all they consist of is:

"To consider and advise on all questions arising from the interpretation 
of the Council's Decisions relating to methods, calls, and peal ringing."

I want the Committee to do some actual useful work, and be put in charge 
of curating the method libraries. But what should the TOR actually say? 
Would anyone on this list like to chip in?

As a starter, I've already had this contribution from Graham, Tim and 
Don on the "method rules" list:

- Provide and maintain the Council's definitions and requirements for 
change ringing, including methods, method classification, method 
extension, calls, compositions and performances.

- Compile and maintain a library of all named methods, with 
classification, appropriate references, and a record of historic names 
where these have changed.

- Commission tools and publications that aid in the understanding and 
analysis of methods.

- Act as arbiter to resolve any conflicts that occur in method naming by 
different bands, or to request alternative names for methods that may be 
considered inappropriate.

- Facilitate the creation and maintenance of standards for the 
electronic interchange of methods, compositions and performances.

- Answer questions arising from the ringing community on the above.


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