[r-t] Quarters of Spliced Major

Paul Flavell flavells at f2s.com
Mon Jan 30 18:06:46 UTC 2017

I came up with a quarter based on Beck's best 1280 methods which might be of interest:

1344 6-Spliced Major arr by P J Flavell

Old Peculiar D		2345678
Muppet Show S		7864523-
Bristol S		6784523-
Wormauld's Cut D	8674523-
Hat and Feathers S	4235678-
East of Arcadia S	7863542-

7 part.	124 runs of four or more bells


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We recently rang a simple one to try out a cyclic seven part. It is easier than what you are looking for, but the format may be useful. The plain Bob provides a quick way to transition between the cyclic courses leaving five leads to be arranged with musical methods. The plain bob also includes some runs.

The composition we used was:

  1344 4-Spliced Major
    Comp C Adams

   2345678  RUTLAND
   4263857  SUPERLATIVE
   3527486  YORKSHIRE
   7856342  SUPERLATIVE
   6482735  RUTLAND
 - 7864523  PLAIN BOB
 - 7842635  PLAIN BOB
 - 7823456
   7 PART

Chris Adams

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