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> From: Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
> Would it be possible to have a little plain method that could 
> sensibly be named "Little Union"? And, if so, should it, too, be 
> included in the list of methods in decision (E)D.2.(a)? Or would it 
> have to be called "Little Union Bob"?
I found one reference to Union Bob Triples:
but Felsted has it as Union Triples.

Is 'Little' a prefix, part of the name, or part of the class?
"and are further classified as Little if the path of the hunt bell is 
restricted to fewer positions than the number of bells."

Little Grandsire Caters
so taking Union as Grandsire with a 5ths place bob
>Union Triples is Grandsire but with 5ths place at the row where a
traditional bob would have thirds.
>Eddie Martin
means that I think Little Union (Bob?) Caters  or perhaps Union Little Bob 
Caters would be:

As there isn't a firm qualification for Little (e.g. up to 5ths or 7ths?) 
then I tried going to 7ths, but it doesn't work well:

There is a similar consideration for Reverse Little Grandsire Caters or
perhaps Reverse Grandsire Little Bob Caters
Taking the definition of 'reversed' as:
A method has double symmetry if it is the same method when reversed, that 
is when the places within each change are inverted. A method has 
rotational symmetry if it is the same method when reversed and rung 


Would this be Union Major?
and this Union Little Bob Major

Do any of the method search pages look for rotations / reversals? That's 
quite simple compared to method extension searches.

Andrew Johnson

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