[r-t] Little Union

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Sun Mar 5 15:29:28 UTC 2017

As far as I can see, to quote, ' the Decisions say nothing about the 
naming of Little methods' (w.r.t. 'littlising' an already rung method,) 
except for extension, of course. i.e., it wouldn't have to be called 
Union at all. If it did, it could be called 'just' Union - as in Little 
Grandsire, etc. (c.f., L.G caters)

A possible solution to Don's question would be Christ Church Little Bob 
- I assume he's starting from Minor. Or did he mean Union Bob Doubles?

b.t.w., I haven't had a reply re: funny start Grandsire Doubles.


PS - looking at Andrew's post - all the methods having been rung are 
Union except for Union Bob Doubles at methods.org

for the avoidance of doubt:

Union Bob Doubles,1 (palindromic - the rest aren't)
Union Minor                   -1-1-1-1-14-12
Union Triples (1728)
Union Caters  (1786)

Simple answers to his last two questions are yes, though omitting the 
'bob' to avoid confusion with a little method based on an extension of 
the Doubles.

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