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On Sun, Mar 19, 2017 at 11:40 AM, Iain Anderson <iain at 13to8.co.uk> wrote:
> Ian Partridge wrote:
> > Let people call their methods what they want.
> But if we did that, what would be the point of the Methods Committee?

Oh, there'd still be plenty of mischief available. Recall that the
committee's remit* is "To consider and advise on all questions arising from
the interpretation of the Council’s Decisions relating to methods, calls,
and peal ringing​​." They get to tell us all sorts of things we must and
cannot do. At least when rubber stamped by the Council, which the Council
rarely declines to do. And, no, decision D(E) really doesn't change this:
when the rest of the decisions contain dozens of things like "Conditions
required for all peals" and "A peal shall..." one short, little addendum at
the end does not take away the sting of being told that what you've done
isn't really a peal.

* In the committee's defense, my understanding is that it is working on
proposing new terms of reference for itself, which I trust will be more
sensible. While I don't actually believe anyone needs to be charged with
such an endeavor as running the decisions, if it is believed there is such
a need, it seems to me the Methods Committee should limit itself to
methods, that calls should be in the purview of the Compositions Committee,
and that peal ringing should be in that of what ever the Peals Analysis
Committee turned into. It seems completely wrong for the Methods Committee
to wear the One Ring To Rule Them All.

And in its further defense, it really does look like they're honestly
trying to get out of the "tell us what to do" business, for which I am
grateful. I just hope they get a bit faster and more thorough about it. As
noted in a different message, we've got fewer than 10^14 years left....

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