[r-t] Methods Committee proposed proposed changes

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Tue Mar 21 09:09:04 UTC 2017

OK, we've been working on what I hope is the last patch to the current 
Decisions. At stated previously, the plan is to push through a small 
number of quick wins at this year's Council meeting, in particular 
changes 2.0(A) and 3.0(A, D, E) in the recent consultation document:


Here is a draft of the Decision wording changes we're proposing - 
comments on their technical accuracy and effectiveness please. Note that 
3.0(D) is quite a bit longer, so I'll send that in a separate email.

Change 2.0(A)
- Widen the definition of a Method by allowing them to be false in the 
plain course:

Delete the word "true" from Decision (E) A.2.

Note that this will entail recategorising a number of "Blocks" as 
methods, which will be done in collaboration with the bands who rang 
them. Last time we agreed with the conductor just to leave "Block" as 
part of the method name.

Change 3.0(A)
- Relax the requirement for bells to be heard outside the tower, and
- Allow peals on simulators (but still requiring human ringers):

Replace Decision (D) A.6 with, "For simulated tower bell peals, the 
simulated bells shall all be rung full circle-style by human ringers. 
For simulated handbell peals, the simulated bells shall all be rung in 
alternating up-strokes and down-strokes by human ringers."

Change 3.0(E)

- Relax the requirement that “Any shift or error in ringing shall be 
corrected immediately":

Change Decision (D) A.10 to read, "Any shift or error in ringing shall 
be corrected as quickly as possible.”

- Relax the requirement that says “No error in calling shall be 
corrected later than during the change at which the call or change of 
method ... would properly take effect”:

Change Decision (D) A.9 to read, "Errors in calling shall be corrected 
as quickly as possible."


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