[r-t] Infinite Extensions

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Thu Mar 23 07:25:13 UTC 2017

Robert Bennett - I think you're misunderstanding my question. I don't 
want to know which leadhead orders work at a given stage, I want to be 
able to predict which leadhead order a method has at any stage. The 
thing about co-prime stages - I don't particularly care about that, 
since I believe short-course extensions are perfectly valid.

Robin writes,

> Newcastle S6 omits stage 8 and
> goes to all numbers from 10 onwards (seemingly). Why? It is a group 'e'
> method ('j' in old money) of which the 'lead-number' (-2) increases by
> two each time so the 8-bell version comes round at the first lead end.
> On 10, it is group 'b', etc.

So if we accept single-lead methods, and short-course extensions, there 
would be a Major version? That seems pleasant.

On the leadhead order, it sounds like this is simply -7 on all stages. 
Mod the number of working bells, this gives:

-2 Minor
  0 Major
+2 Royal
+4 Maximus
+6 Fourteen
-7 Sixteen
-7 Eighteen
-7 Twenty

I would count that as the same leadhead order on all stages.

I am now strongly suspecting this is always the case for any working 
extension, but can't yet justify this.


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