[r-t] Extension - Little methods, Penultimus,

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon May 8 21:56:48 UTC 2017

Peter Hinton writes,

> And presumably it also implies that there is also no single-stage extension of
> any Little even-stage method where the hunt bell goes to an odd place, or any
> Little odd-stage method where the hunt bell goes to an even place?

My view is that there is an extension if someone can demonstrate a 
reasonable algorithm for producing one, for some definition of 

> "So, would the CC regard Ashford Little Bob Major as this?
> 38.18x14x14x18"
> http://www.ringing.org/method/?stage=8&notation=38.18x14x14x18

I've spoken about Ashford before, but to recap, I think it is very 
pleasant to view it as a single-hunt method which extends to all stages, 
odd and even. I think that ship has already sailed, unfortunately. Your 
twin-hunt Major method does look nice, though - I'd be happy to call 
that Ashford.


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