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Thu May 18 12:50:22 UTC 2017

|That said, I do quite like your Half Bristol Bob Major too.  It has a
|certain appealing oomph!

It's just the 18hl/18lh version of Double Sandringham Bob Major.
In the same vein the 18hl/18lh (5-5.4-5-36-4-5.4-4.1,1) version of
Lancashire Surprise Major is unrung.

On 18 May 2017 at 13:39, Philip Earis <pje24 at cantab.net> wrote:

> Richard Weeks:
> "My first post. Sorry if the idea is old hat, and please excuse technical
> shortcomings as necessary..."
> Welcome! Thanks for posting. Sometimes older ideas are indeed ripe for
> re-exploring.
> Treble dodging methods are divided into sections, ie what happens in each
> dodging position before the treble moves on the next dodging position.
> Most of the frequently rung treble dodging methods have symmetric
> sections, mostly of the form x a x, or b x b.
> For example Cambridge-over methods begin x3x, while London-over methods
> begin 3x3
> Your approach to compressing methods simply omits every alternate piece of
> notation.  For right-place methods this is equivalent to removing all the
> cross changes, which kind of makes intuitive sense.
> What are you trying to achieve overall, though?  Is it to have a
> concentrated plain method that shares characteristics with the treble
> dodging parent?
> If so, you algorithm is a bit questionable for wrong-place symmetric
> sections...reducing the 3x3 of London to a mere x is perhaps not the best
> way of doing this.
> Are you aware of Double Coslany Bob Major?  This was first pealed in 1939,
> and is perhaps a more natural compression of Bristol Major:
> In Double Coslany, the right-place symmetric sections of Bristol major (eg
> x5x) are compressed to their dominant element (x), the wrong-place
> symmetric sections (eg 5x5) are compressed to their dominant element (5),
> and the notation when the treble moves between dodging positions is
> preserved. The result is:
> Bristol        x5x4.5x5.36.4x4.5x4x1,8  [m]
> Double Coslany x4., 8  [m]
> Double Coslany is a gem of a method.
> That said, I do quite like your Half Bristol Bob Major too.  It has a
> certain appealing oomph!
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