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> From: "Philip Earis" <pje24 at cantab.net>
> Are you aware of Double Coslany Bob Major?  This was first pealed in 
> and is perhaps a more natural compression of Bristol Major:
> In Double Coslany, the right-place symmetric sections of Bristol major 
> x5x) are compressed to their dominant element (x), the wrong-place
> symmetric sections (eg 5x5) are compressed to their dominant element 
> and the notation when the treble moves between dodging positions is
> preserved. The result is:
> Bristol        x5x4.5x5.36.4x4.5x4x1,8  [m]
> Double Coslany x4., 8  [m]
> Double Coslany is a gem of a method.
There are also the expansions of Bristol:

Eryri Surprise Major
x5x5x4.5x5x5.36.4x4x4.5x4x4x1,8  [m]
First rung in tower on 19 November 1935 at Bushey.

Champion Surprise Major
x5x5x5x4.5x5x5x5.36.4x4x4x4.5x4x4x4x1,8  [m]
First rung in tower on 21 July 1980 at Hungerford.

and some compositions of them all:

I doubt whether expansions work well for many other methods though.

Andrew Johnson

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