[r-t] Composition Library question

Joe Norton strainsteamford0123456789+ringingtheory at gmail.com
Mon May 22 09:55:37 UTC 2017

I've put this composition into Complib:


Which is also on BellBoard here:

Essentially it is PB Major of length 1728 which finishes with the change 
12436578. It is then brought round with a 1278 call, giving 1729 
changes. So the "Ramanujan Bob" at the final Home is 14.1278, with the 
14 being at the lead end and the 1278 being the change immediately after 
the lead end.

When I put the composition into Complib, I defined a lead position at 
position 17 and defined the 14.1278 bob at that position.

My question is, what should I call that position to make it clear where 
the call is supposed to be? It currently says "r = 14.1278 POS17 Bob", 
but I don't think that POS17 gives a very clear indication of where the 
bob is supposed to be called.


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