[r-t] Unusual Complib composition

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Wed Oct 11 10:56:42 UTC 2017

I was using complib.org to find Grandsire Triples quarter peals and one of 
Complib's offerings was this:

1440 Grandsire Triples from 1440 Stedman Triples by Robert M Kilby

so Complib has used a Stedman Triples composition to give a Grandsire 
Triples quarter peal.

If you examine the blue line you can see how it works.

The calls are Stedman calls (single=567, bob=5, plain=7) made at the end 
of blocks of six changes, starting counting at the 4th row of a six (like 
Stedman), but ringing Grandsire Triples for the rest of the time. A plain 
is when 7ths would be made at any time in Grandsire, so is not called.

This then gives a variable hunt composition, with adequate music:
14 567s, 8 657s, 54 crus, 35 4-bell runs (18f,17b), 36 46s, Whittingtons, 

Andrew Johnson

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