[r-t] 41 spliced surprise minor atw

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Wed Apr 18 07:20:59 UTC 2018

Last night we rang the first peal of an innovative new spliced minor
composition by Prof. Ander Holroyd:

The composition is all the work for the 'standard' 41 surprise minor
methods, in 5760 changes.

In recent years John Warboys has produced several great 5-part
compositions (SU0801, SU0802, SU0803, SU0804) with this atw property. 
John's compositions have the methods well-dispersed (indeed SU801 contains
a change of over- and under- work every lead).

In Prof. Holroyd's new composition, Ander manages to arrange all methods
with the same overwork appearing together in separate 5-part blocks.  This
makes the composition more approachable for many bands, while still being
a good challenge.

Both the Norwich and Cambridge blocks intrinsically have cyclic part-ends
(which is helpful), though we rang them out of course yesterday. The
Cambridge block is a beautiful way to finish the peal, with the first call
coming at the end of the 12th lead of the block.

In terms of how the composition works...well, I'm hoping someone will be
able to deconvolve it and explain. None of the overwork blocks is true by
itself, and there is some exotic splicing between overworks that needs
teasing out (and which can hopefully be utilised in other compositions).

Many congratulations Ander!  I look forward to seeing what's next...

Nb Nb-Mo        35426 )
Cl-Wo Sa        64523 ) 5 times
Nw Ch-Mu        54326 ) giving 23456
Wh Ct Ak        42563 )
We-Cu-Ke Ke-    64523 ) 5 times, with s for - at end,
Li-Co Lo-       42563 ) giving 32456
Ne St Wm        25364 )
Wk-Wk-Ws-       53642 ) 5 times
Bc Lf Ro        34526 ) giving 32456
No-Ad Ad-       32645 )
Bm Ab Wm-       45632 )
Ip Su Nf        43625 )
Bv Yo Bk        64532 ) 5 times, with s for - at end,
Hu Hu He        64532 ) giving 23456
Pr Bo Du-       56432 )
Cm Bv-          24563 )

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