[r-t] 41 atw made easy

Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Wed Apr 18 07:27:45 UTC 2018

I have come up with a new peal composition of the standard 41 Surprise 
Minor, which was masterfully rung in hand last night:

The idea was to make 41 all the work as accessible and easy to ring as 
possible.  Like the pioneering compositions of John Warboys from a few 
years ago, it is an 8-extent block with 5-part structure.  However, unlike 
previous compositions, it is structured in four 5-part blocks, one for 
each overwork, with only 3 changes of overwork (and only 2 singles).

It is all-the-work in the strong sense that for the methods with 2nd and 
6th place variants, every bell rings every lead of both variants as a 
plain lead.  (But some other methods have every lead bobbed or singled, of 

For those who care about such things, it has rather a lot of 65s at back, 
and it has what John refers to as "obvious falseness" - the same lead end 
repeated without any intervening calls.

The part ends are cyclic with bells 23 over in the 2nd part, and cyclic 
with bells 23 and places 23 over in the first part.  Another slightly 
unusual feature (which may or may not make it easier to ring, depending on 
perspective) is that there are quite a few NON-changes of method.  Also 
2nd/6th place variants and lead-splicers are often rung consecutively, 
which should make it a bit easier.

I had the idea of such a composition quite a few years ago.  I initially 
tried to rearrange the leads of John's compositions into such a form, but 
wasn't able to.  The requirement to join all the leads of one overwork 
into a 5-part block with plain leads of the 2nd/6th variants is quite 
restrictive.  In the end I simply conducted by own search for 8-extent 
sets of leads until I found one that was joinable in the right way.  My 
requirement that the singles don't ruin the 2nd/6th variant property is 
also quite a nuisance.

There are undoubtedly quite a few other possibilities out there along 
similar lines.  My search for 8-extent blocks was far from exhaustive.

Enjoy! Ander

5760 Spliced S Minor (41m)
Alexander E Holroyd

Nb Nb-Mo	35426 )
Cl-Wo Sa	64523 ) 5 times
Nw Ch-Mu	54326 ) giving 23456
Wh Ct Ak	42563 )
We-Cu-Ke Ke-	64523 ) 5 times, with s for - at end,
Li-Co Lo-	42563 ) giving 32456
Ne St Wm	25364 )
Wk-Wk-Ws-	53642 ) 5 times
Bc Lf Ro	34526 ) giving 32456
No-Ad Ad-	32645 )
Bm Ab Wm-	45632 )
Ip Su Nf	43625 )
Bv Yo Bk	64532 ) 5 times, with s for - at end,
Hu Hu He	64532 ) giving 23456
Pr Bo Du-	56432 )
Cm Bv-		24563 )

The standard 41 Surprise Minor. All the work, including plain leads of all 
methods having 2nd and 6th place lead end variants.

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