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Fri Aug 3 18:24:04 UTC 2018

On Fri, 3 Aug 2018, 18:05 Robin Woolley, <

> On another point, aren't we being sidetracked by difficult cases such as
> Bristol. If we haven't sorted the easy ones, then it makes no sense to
> tackle the odd-ball ones. We must walk before we can run.

Oh now come on. Bristol is perhaps the simplest surprise method you could
possibly ask for, extension-wise, since you can extend the thing
indefinitely just by applying its overall structure to larger sets of
bells! None of this faffing about with sections and what have-you. Methods
like Bristol, Plain Bob and so on, should really be the *first* methods you
consider when trying to define some sort of extension guidelines (not that
I think that's a good idea anyway, but regardless).

If the consensus is that Bristol is just 'too difficult', then I'd have
said that was reason enough to throw in the towel!
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