[r-t] MUG Minor Revisited

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Very pleasing and neat Graham.  Does the 1296 have the n,n+1 row property that would allow it to be rung to a peal?  
 My reading of the rules suggest that ringing it 4 times would not meet the rules as they stand.  Seems a pity.



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MUG Minor is a principle that has been discussed several times on this list. As a teenager in the 1970s, I tried and failed to find an extent with standard 14 bobs and 1456 singles using pen and copious amounts of paper. Brian Price nicknamed it the Cussed Principle, presumably because intuitively it seems that an extent should be possible but he could not find one. Ander Holroyd finally produced an extent in 2004 using half lead calls, and this featured in the Compositions of the Decade articles by Philip Earis written in 2009 (http://wiki.changeringing.co.uk/Compositions_of_the_Decade_3_-_Minor). Recently, I noted that a quarter of MUG Minor had been rung in 2002 (https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=445519) saying that the 1280 used a composition of Brian's using 14 and 36 leadend calls. This led me to revisit it, but this time looking for a quarter peal length. I found this solution using standard bobs only. This rotation has the treble as unaffected observation, avoiding internal rounds and 65s at back. All the leadheads are distinct.

1296 MUG Minor
Composed by Graham A C John
  23456 	O	I	B
  35264 	–	–	

  56423 	–	–	–
  62534 	–	–	      
  23645 	–	–	      |
  34256 	–	–	      |    A	
  45362 	–	–	      |	
  56234 	–	–	–    |	
  25634 		A	
  53246 	–	–	
  25346 		A	
  54263 	–	–	
  25463 		A	
  26435 	–		
  42635 		A	
  23456 	–	–	

– = 14 Bob. 
Calling position O = LH xx1xxx, I = LH x1xxxx, B = LH 1xxxxx



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