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> From: "Richard Allton" 
> However, in the Bell News V4 p137 Jasper Snowdon wrote:
> "The one peal, with the tenors together, that has been composed of 
> Cambridge Surprise, is one in five parts, of 5600 changes. This peal
> was composed independently by Mr. Charles Middleton, of Norwich, and
> Mr. Henry Johnson, of Birmingham. It was however first published by 
> Mr. Middleton in 1845, in Hubbard?s first book, and thus I think 
> that the peal, which is as follows, must be awarded to Mr. Middleton.
Elements of Campanalogia: or an Essay on the Art of Ringing
Henry Hubbard
Third Edition

In the following intricate variations, it will be seen that Mr. 
Middleton has produced peals of Cambridge Surprise with the tenors 
together, which are also applicable to London Surprise, and are 
reducible to 5152, by the omission of the bobs braced. 


----- M W H
43652 -
56234 - -
23564   - - }
52364     - }
35264     - }

----- M W H
42356     -
32654 -
56423 - -
42563   - -
54263     -

Four times repeated.

Fred Bone says:
>And when did Johnson publish it, and was this before or after Jeremiah 
>Miller derived it? Why did Snowdon not mention Miller's name?

Church Bells February 22 1873 says:
T. Page, tenor, who conducted the peal, which is the original composition 
of Mr. T. Miller, Cumberland Society, London. - Per Letter.

but the T. could have been a error copying the letter.

Andrew Johnson

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