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> From: "Fred Bone"
> > MBD wrote:
> > However, in the Bell News V4 p137 Jasper Snowdon wrote:
> > 
> > "The one peal, with the tenors together, that has been composed of
> > Cambridge Surprise, is one in five parts, of 5600 changes. This peal 
> > composed independently by Mr. Charles Middleton, of Norwich, and Mr. 
> > Johnson, of Birmingham. It was however first published by Mr. 
Middleton in
> > 1845, in Hubbard?s first book, and thus I think that the peal, which 
> > as follows, must be awarded to Mr. Middleton.
> And when did Johnson publish it, and was this before or after Jeremiah 
> Miller derived it? Why did Snowdon not mention Miller's name?
See 'The Art and Science of Change-Ringing' by William Banister
The book was also first published in 1874, but the edition available for 
download here is that of 1879. At the front it says the new peals of this 
edition 'will be found upon pages 127, 128, 129, 138, 140, 144, 145, 149, 

p.119 has Johnson's composition, and the two by C. Middleton, so I think 
were in the first edition.

Also, why wasn't Shipway's composition rung sooner, given it was published 
in 1816?
It doesn't look much more complicated than the first peal of London:

I've found a recent performance Of Shipway's composition - when else was 
it rung?

Presumably the 5376 by Joseph Tebbs of Leeds at Keighley, Yorkshire on 
18 August 1811 was false.
even though Felstead lists it
and excludes an 1810 peal as false.

Church Bells, February 20th 1875 regards it as false:

The Surprise Peals.
We reproduce the following clever article on Surprise Peals from Bell's
Life, Jan. 9,1875
Still another peal, which adds one more to this long list of false ones, 
rung, viz. at Keighley, in Yorkshire, on August 18th, 1811. That this peal
was a false one can scarcely he doubted, when we mention that it was 
by J. Tebbs, of Leeds, Yorkshire. Tebbs was after that time in 
with Shipway, many of the compositions of the Yorkshireman appearing
in the works of the latter; and there can he no doubt that Tebbs would
naturally be desirous that Shipway should introduce it in his book, 
as no true peal had then been placed before the public. Therefore if Tebbs
had not already found it false, we may conclude that he would submit it to
Shipway, and that after proof it would be rejected by the latter, who 
alluded to it amongst the false ones he mentions as having been rung.

Andrew Johnson

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